Latest Graduate News

  • Not only can you find Kelci working private events all around Pittsburgh with The Callos Companies, she also just landed a permanent position at Oglebay Resort!

  • Congrats to Taylor at McDains Restaurant (Monroeville)

  • Congrats to Angela at 2 Tomato Restaurant (New Castle)

  • Congrats to Zack at Buckheads Saloon (Station Square)

  • Congrats to Haley at The Big Burrito Restaurant Group!

  • Congrats to John at The Pour House (Allison Park)

  • Congrats to Malcolm at Doubletree by Hilton (Washington)

  • Be sure to check out Aaron when you are at the next Pirate game! It didn’t take him long to land an awesome job at PNC Park!!!

  • Big Congrats to Megan who was hired on the spot and started the same night at the Castle Pub in Ebensburg! Her confidence and interview preparation really paid off!

  • Congrats to Olivia at Fusion Japanese Steakhouse and Doubletree by Hilton (Washington)

  • Congrats to Stephen who was hired at Level 20 Lounge in Bethel!!  Stephen was hired over the phone due to his excellent resume and amazing professional training here at Elite!

  • Keep your eyes open for Jessica at different events around Pittsburgh this summer! She was hired at both At Your Service Catering and The Callos Companies!

  • Congrats to Andrew at Edgewood Country Club and The Callos Company!

  • Congrats to Jillian at Spartan Pub (Hughesville, PA)!

  • So excited for Jeremy who just got hired at the Gateway Clipper Fleet! What a great time that will be sailing the beautiful three rivers, and making delicious cocktails!!! Sounds like a dream job!

  • You can find recent grad Adam behind the bar at Runway Grille in Butler! He did great on his first day putting to use all that he has learned! Congrats!

  • Cathy will be mixing it up at the brand new Saga Japanese Steakhouse at South Hills Village Mall. Congrats Cathy!

How Much Does Bartending School Cost?
Pittsburgh | West Virginia | New Castle | Monroeville

“How much does Bartending School cost in Pittsburgh, PA?”

This is one of the first questions that people interested in attending Bartending School ask when they’re looking for a place that will train them for a new and exciting career where they can work in a variety of bars, restaurants and clubs in Pittsburgh, Johnstown, Erie, or anywhere else throughout Pennsylvania.

While bartending school cost is something you should be wondering about, you also need to ask yourself “What can Bartending School do for me?” Keep reading this page for more information about not just the cost to you, but the benefit as well.

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So How Much does Bartending School Cost?

When considering bartending school price, you have to realize that the students who typically attend Bartending School are working adults with busy lives outside of the classroom.

Sometimes life gets in the way and keeps you from being able to attend a course. Sometimes your schedule outside of school may change at a moment’s notice, meaning that you will have to change your school schedule. Sometimes the only free moment you have to do anything at all is the weekend.

That’s why bartending school cost has been designed to allow for a flexible schedule that allows you to attend classes anytime you want after orientation day!

Days, nights, weekends; you show up when you can to complete your bartender training over the course of ten lessons that are four hours long each.

When you meet with our representative to work out your schedule for our professional mixology course, we will be able to help you answer the question of “how much does bartending school cost” more thoroughly.

If you prefer to attend classes at a set time, we also offer

  • A day class that runs from 9-5, Monday through Friday and lasts for one week.
  • A night class that runs from 6-10, Monday through Friday and lasts for two weeks
  • A weekend class that runs from 10-6 on Saturday and Sunday and lasts two and a half weeks.

New classes start every week here at Elite Bartending School, so you can jump right in and get started on a fun and interesting new career in no time at all.

What We Can Do For You?

As we said earlier, the question of “how much does Bartending School cost?” goes hand in hand with the question of “What can Bartending School do for me?” The answer to that is: A LOT!

Besides training you in the essential skills needed to run a bar, mix drinks, and mingle with your customers while you work, we here at Elite Bartending School also offer job placement services that will help you find a job that fits your needs and schedule.

We have been providing this service to our students from cities like Pittsburgh, Johnstown, and Erie since 1978 and now it’s your turn!

Are You Ready to Get Started?

Want to talk to one of our admissions counselors and ask them “How much does bartending school cost” today? Then pick up your phone and dial 1-800-BARTEND to speak to someone right away! If you want more information, feel free to contact us online and provide us with your contact information.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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